Birthday Party Guidelines

Guidelines: To ensure the safety of the children and our exhibits, following are our guidelines for birthday party parents or chaperones:

As Parent/Chaperone, I understand it is my responsibility to help keep the museum safe for all children by reviewing the rules with my child and helping him/her follow the Children’s Museum Birthday Party Guidelines.

  1. All balloons are to be used for decoration – children are not allowed to have balloons tied onto them and are not to walk through museum with balloons. (Loose balloons can interfere with our security system so they are not allowed in exhibit areas – also, there’s plenty for the kids to play with, they don’t need to be distracted by balloons.) Parents need to take the balloons up front after the sit down part of the party, and children will receive them as they depart.
  2. No food or drink are permitted outside the birthday room from sanitary & safety reasons. One shelf in our kitchen/birthday room refrigerator will be available for the parent only to put food/drink they bring in. Delivered pizza (delivered 3 -5 minutes prior to the party scheduled birthday/eating room time/place – will be placed on the side table in the kitchen.
  3. Parents/relatives/chaperones must keep the party on schedule (half hour in birthday room, half hour on each floor.)
  4. Parents are expected to chaperone and be with children at all times, on all floors (one chaperone per four children required.)
  5. All party guests/parents must check-in at front window. Parents dropping children will get their hand stamped to identify return.
  6. All presents will be taken home to open so children have time to enjoy the 100’s of interactive exhibits on each of our four floors. Presents will be stored safely on the corner kitchen table for the parent to take out by 12:30pm.)
  7. Guests are expected to use their inside voices.
  8. No running, pushing, or shoving.
  9. Playspace is for children 3 and under only, with a chaperone. Our Life-Size Wooden Train is open to all children to enjoy.
  10. Exploration area is for children 3 and up, chaperoned. Younger children allowed if a chaperone is accompanying them there.
  11. Remind your children not to go behind roped off areas – these are valuable exhibits to be viewed only.
  12. Respect the Property of Others – All toys, display items, etc. remain in their individual rooms or areas, to be available for all visitors to play with.
  13. Help children pick up exhibits/toys when done playing.


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Designed by Freepik