We value every gift and appreciate the community’s support of our local treasure, the Utica Children’s Museum. We have many updates we’d like to make and new exhibits to create for our patrons – your kids & grandkids, nieces & nephews, friends & neighbors!
If you’d rather gift a specific present, please visit our Wish List page. You’ll find several ideas there of just the kind of items we need to run the Museum, as well as new toys and treasures we’d love to have for the children to experience.
Thank you!

Wish List

Please Contribute to our WISH LIST

We are working towards offering an environment that supports every child’s natural curiosity to learn through hands-on, play-based exploration. In order to do this, we welcome your help.
We invite you to help out by donating something on our Wish List. We are in need of the following items:

Can You Volunteer?

We have the following volunteer needs: 5-10 hours a week to help out with cleaning 5- 10 hours a week to be a floor docent 5-10 hours a week to help in the office All volunteer applicants are subject to a background check as we are a children’s museum. Thank you for your understanding. Please[…]