The Utica Children’s Museum features four floors of exhibits and play experiences, designed for children aged birth to ten.

We are in the process of transforming our exhibits and floors into  a hands-on, interactive destination focused on enriching children and families’ lives through play-based exploration and intrinsically motivated education.  Our focus areas for exhibits are science, natural history and ecology, technology, art and mathematics, and local history.

We have plans for many new and exciting upcoming exhibits, both temporary and permanent.

Some of these plans include:

The Sensory Exploration Zone – which will feature water tables, sensory tables, sand tables, interactive wall panels, a mini trampoline, and soft climbers for children and more. We have received half of the money needed for this exhibit through Madison County Gives, an initiative of Colgate University’s Konosoni Senior Honor Society. We are looking to raise the rest by December 31st at http://www.madisoncountygives.org/campaigns/utica-childrens-museum/. Please help us reach our goal!

Perios World is a concept game and exhibit series developed to teach children the basic building blocks of chemistry and have fun too. Children learn about characters called Perios, which are the elements of the periodic table, and learn their properties and become familiar with chemistry so that by the end of primary school that are prepared for higher level sciences and have an understanding of the table of elements. There will be a puzzle game, blocks, and the Perios World computer learning game. We currently feature the new Perio Roundup Scavenger Hunt at the Museum! For more information check out http://www.periosworld.com/ We are currently seeking donations from businesses and individuals in the community to bring this to reality!

Our 1st Floor Exhibits

Our 2nd Floor Exhibits

Our 3rd Floor Exhibits

Our 4th Floor Exhibits